Since 1992 Key Parts, Inc. has been the leading developer and distributor of die stamped rust repair panels in North America. Key Parts is the standard for quality and offers over 2,500 items to help with your repair or restoration.

Key Parts makes it possible for you to make effective repair of the rust on your vehicle without the expense of an entire replacement part from the dealer. Upper wheel arches save the expense of an entire quarter panel, our rockers will save the expense of a doorframe, our cab corners save you from buying a back cab and so on. We offer panels for the most common areas prone to rust on over 250 makes and models.

Key Parts also carries and extensive line of restoration parts for 1947-1972 Chevrolet and GMC trucks, including a number of GM Restoration parts. We carry complete replacement parts like fenders, doors, bed components, etc.; as well as a number of rust repair panels.

Key Parts does not sell to the general public but we do have an extensive distribution network throughout the US and Canada. If you are having difficulty finding a Key Parts product feel please call us at (800) 992-1064 so we can direct you to a distributor near you.

Quality repairs require quality parts and Key Parts should be your first choice for your rust repair needs.

Key Parts is proud to support Travis Mills:

United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills of the 82nd Airborne, on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan, was critically injured on April 10th by an IED (improvised explosive device) while on patrol. Thanks to his amazing strength, courage, an incredible will to live, the heroic actions of the men in his unit, and the prayers of thousands, Travis has returned to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, near Washington DC, to begin his recovery. He is a genuine American hero, and for his incredible sacrifice, we are forever in his debt.

To learn how to help support Travis, his wife Kelsey, and their daughter Chloe please visit

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